Anglican Daily Fountain Devotional 8 March 2022 

TOPIC: A Call For Spiritual Growth And Maturity

TEXTHebrews 5:11 – 6:12 (NKJV)

Anglican Daily Fountain Devotional 8 March 2022 MESSAGE

In our passage today, the writer rebukes the Jewish Christians for being too slow to learn, spiritually immature and unable to teach others (vv. 11-13). Being unskilled in the word portends a danger of being unable to distinguish between truth and errors of doctrine and this could be a pathway to backsliding and apostasy.

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The devastating nature of apostasy is fully described in Chapter 6:4-6 thus, it is difficult to restore anyone who has known Christ, enjoyed the fellowship of the Holy spirit and falls out of faith. However, the writer assures his readers that they are not of the nature of the apostates (6:9), so in order to make their calling and election sure, they must remain diligent to the faith unto the very end (6:11-12).

Our study shows that no Christian should be stagnant; we need to mature and grow in faith. An unproductive Christian is in danger of being an apostate, crucifying Christ all over again. We need to deepen our knowledge of God by studying His word, praying always, having fellowship with one another and living a productive Christian life.

PRAYER: Heavenly Father, I thank You for Your Word today. Grant me grace for spiritual growth and maturity in Jesus’ name. Amen.