Topic: Power of Imagination

TODAY’S SCRIPTURE: Ephesians 1:18 – The eyes of your understanding be enlightened

MESSAGE: Your imaginative ability is your creative ability. It is so difficult to create or achieve something before you imagine it.

All the greatest inventions which we are seeing today, they started as imaginations before they developed into reality. The scripture demands us to have an enlightenment in our minds and our imaginations. The word “understanding” in Greek is the word “dianoia” which means imagination. As long as your imagination is dead, you can never create anything valuable.

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The word you feed on everyday has power to affect or shift your imaginations and
when your imagination is changed it will affect your outside world which includes your health, business, education and all It’s high time that you begin to imagine yourself at better levels of life. Regardless of your current circumstance just begin to imagine everything about you flourishing based on the word of God.

I see myself on top of everything, my life is unique for I am born for a sign and wonder. My future is too bright!

Daniel 5:12

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