Poland’s churches are responding to the crisis in Ukraine. One pastor who transformed his church into a refugee center is receiving assistance from CBN’s Operation Blessing.

Operation Blessing teams are on the ground in Poland providing emergency supplies to Ukrainian refugees with the help of a local Pentecostal church. Vladislav Wiglasz has pastored at the church for nearly 30 years. 
“What you see is normally our sanctuary, where each Sunday and during the week we worship the Lord. But right now, because of the situation in Ukraine, our duty, our ministry, is to help those people. So, we put the chairs aside, put as many mattresses as we can to put the refugees whom we are helping to come across the border,” Pastor Wiglasz said. 

“Our duty in that ministry is to bring them from the border here to a safe place where we feed them, where they can wash, they get any supplies that they need,” he explained. “And then other people from churches, volunteers, are taking them to their destination place. So we are doing that to bless those people, to help them because as a Christian we have to do it. It is our ministry, our calling to do what Jesus taught us. And we are doing it with great happiness.”

As Operation Blessing dropped off supplies to Pastor Wiglasz, we asked how our supporters could further help the church help refugees. 

“One way is the financial support, because then we can buy or use the money for certain necessary things. We need supplies, or petrol, or electricity. So it costs, and financial support is the best way to help us. What we would like to ask you, it is just to stand all together in prayer, mostly for Ukraine, those people, and for those who are helping them,” Pastor Wiglasz said. 

“Thank you very much for helping us. We bless you, we love you. Thank you. May the Lord bless you,” he said.

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