Topic: Grace Is A Person

Scripture: Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” John 14:6

Joseph Prince Devotional 1 November 2021 Message

Over the last two decades I’ve had the privilege of unveiling the beautiful person of our Lord Jesus Christ and the perfection of His finished work through the preaching of the gospel of glorious grace. As the name of Jesus is lifted up and proclaimed, we are receiving testimony after testimony about how people’s lives have been touched and transformed by the grace of God.

People of all walks of life, all over the world, are finding freedom from their long-term conditions, addictions, and bondages. They share joyfully with us how the Lord supernaturally delivered them from long-term panic attacks, substance abuse, and from decades of depression. Others write in, brimming with thanksgiving, because God has restored their marriages and their relationships with their estranged children, and healed their bodies when doctors had given them no hope.

I wish I could read all of them to you, because you will notice that there is one common thread woven through all these letters. There is one common denominator that tipped these people over from defeat into victory, from breakdowns into breakthroughs: they all had an encounter with Jesus. They all caught a revelation of His grace.

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My dear friend, the grace revolution begins with Jesus. It is not a movement, teaching, or subject to be studied. It is all about a person. What you believe about this person makes all the difference. I am sure you have heard about Jesus and are familiar with His name. You may have even attended Sunday school as a child and heard all the Bible stories about Him. The question is, do you know Jesus personally? Is He a historical figure, a prominent Jewish rabbi, or simply the son of a Galilean carpenter? Who is He to you? Is He just another teacher? Or is He your Savior?

Whatever adversity, challenge, or circumstances you may be faced with today, your answer is found in the person of Jesus. Today, there is a grace revolution that is sweeping across the globe, because the person of Jesus is boldly preached, proclaimed, and lifted high.

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This is what the grace revolution is all about. It is about your life touched, changed, and transformed from the inside out. It is about living a victorious life. A life that wins. A life that reigns triumphant over defeat, failure, and frustration. When you encounter the person of grace, see His heart of love for you, and when the veil of Christian religion is removed, there is no turning back. You’ll begin to step away from defeat and take a massive leap toward your victory!

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