Anglican Daily Fountain Devotional 5 April 2022

TOPIC: A Cry For Help!

TEXTJeremiah 14: 1-22(NKJV)

Daily Fountain Devotional 5 April 2022 MESSAGE

In our text today, we see the calamities of lack of rain, famine, false prophets and multiplied carnality in the days of Prophet Jeremiah. God told Jeremiah not to pray for the people of Israel because they were determined to sin, and so, God had decided to punish them with those calamities.

Nevertheless, Jeremiah prayed: He confessed the sins of their forefathers and acknowledged their wickedness and iniquity. Among other things, Jeremiah pleaded with God: “Do not abhor us for thy name’s sake, do not disgrace the throne of thy glory” (v.21). Let us, like Jeremiah, plead with God concerning our nation, the church and our families. He will certainly hear us.

PRAYER: Dear Lord, please have mercy on us.

Daily Fountain Quote of the Day

God says: I created all things for My pleasure. Revelation 4:11

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