Anglican Daily Fountain Devotional 7 May 2022 

TOPIC: Sanctify The Lord!

READ: 1 Peter 3:13–22 (NKJV)

  1. And who [is] he who will harm you if you become followers of what is good?
  2. But even if you should suffer for righteousness’ sake, [you are] blessed. “And do not be afraid of their threats, nor be troubled.”
  3. But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts, and always [be] ready to [give] a defense to everyone who asks you a reason for the hope that is in you, with meekness and fear;
  4. having a good conscience, that when they defame you as evildoers, those who revile your good conduct in Christ may be ashamed.
  5. For [it is] better, if it is the will of God, to suffer for doing good than for doing evil.
  6. For Christ also suffered once for sins, the just for the unjust, that He might bring us to God, being put to death in the flesh but made alive by the Spirit,
  7. by whom also He went and preached to the spirits in prison,
  8. who formerly were disobedient, when once the Divine longsuffering waited in the days of Noah, while [the] ark was being prepared, in which a few, that is, eight souls, were saved through water.
  9. There is also an antitype which now saves us — baptism (not the removal of the filth of the flesh, but the answer of a good conscience toward God), through the resurrection of Jesus Christ,
  10. who has gone into heaven and is at the right hand of God, angels and authorities and powers having been made subject to Him.

Anglican Daily Fountain Devotional 7 May 2022 STUDY

Read verse 15 of our text in different translations to get a better understanding of what it means to “sanctify the Lord in your hearts.” In this context, it could mean to praise or worship or honour the Lord or give Him a prime place in our hearts. Serving God in this way obviously means living a life of righteousness.

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This is often evident through good works and good conduct. But such righteous living may bring suffering, threats, and the like from powers that be. Should this happen, verses 14 and 17 show that it is better to suffer for doing good than for doing evil. Christ also suffered to save us, and He bore it gladly (verse 18).

Having won the victory, He received a name that is above every other name, and all authorities in heaven and on earth and everywhere else are under Him (verse 22; Philippians 2:9-11).

If we suffer for His sake, we should also reign with Him (2 Timothy 2:11-12). As we sanctify the Lord in our hearts, people may raise several questions about our righteous lifestyles and hope in Christ (verse 15). We should respond to such questions calmly and without any shame (Romans 1:16). Like Paul during his defence before King Agrippa, we could even use such opportunities for evangelism (Acts 26:28-29).

PRAYER: Lord, I present myself afresh to You, as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable (Romans 12: 1-2).

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