Bethany Music has released its new EP, The Gospel Sessions. The six-track project, birthed from the worship community of Louisiana’s Bethany Church, declares God’s victory in troubled times. Songs on the project include: More Than A Conqueror, Good, Good News, Satisfied, You’ve Prayed So Long, I Will Worship You and Been So Good.

“These songs were written during the global pandemic, but also during a time where we were launching a new campus in New Orleans,” says Bethany Music Director, James Stockstill. “We experienced a lot of spiritual warfare and push back, and that came through in these songs. Even during the live recording we had family emergencies and different attacks happening. The heart of this project is that even amidst unprecedented struggle and challenges, our songs of praise to the Lord bring us peace in the storm and victory in all things.”

Produced by BJ Putnam and Leonard Jarman, and penned by a host of writers including Stockstill, Jonathan Stockstill, Putnam, Chris Burns, Meagan Stockstill, and Gregory Hill, the project carries the spirit and sound of a unified Church.

“Bethany was known for a long time as a voice in gospel music. I think this project has re-engaged so many fans and listeners throughout the years that have loved the worship and sound of this house and it also speaks a lot about who we are currently,” shares Stockstill. “We are a diverse, multicultural, Jesus loving, worshipping church.”

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