Independent artist Brylie Jaye Parker is excited to unveil her latest single, “Blessed Are They,” available today on Christian AC and Christian Country radio formats. This soulful track precedes her much-anticipated album “If They Weren’t Yours,” set for release at the end of this August.

Penned by Brylie Jaye Parker herself and masterfully produced by Scott Hoffmann, “Blessed Are They” is a testament to faith, divine blessings, and the ever-present grace of God. Through poignant lyrics, the song seeks to comfort the wounded and assures them of God’s unwavering gaze and understanding.

Brylie’s path in music is a heartfelt narrative. Growing up in a quaint Arkansas town, she was introduced to church hymns from a young age. At just four years old, she inherited a set of guitars from her grandfather, marking the start of a lifelong relationship with music. Throughout her adolescent years and into college, Brylie turned to the guitar for solace, using her talent for singing and songwriting as a means to converse with God.

A defining moment in her musical journey arrived in 2021 when she wrote and performed a song to commemorate her grandfather’s life and legacy. This heartfelt performance caught the attention of a music producer, paving the way for Brylie’s burgeoning music career. Now, alongside her EP “Freedom” available on all streaming platforms, she has released two singles, “If They Weren’t Yours” and “I Will Remember.” Her debut album is eagerly awaited by fans and the Christian music community alike.

Listeners can tune into Christian AC and Christian Country radio formats to be uplifted by Brylie’s “Blessed Are They.” Additionally, the album “If They Weren’t Yours” is set to grace streaming platforms by the end of this month.

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