Ontario based Canadian singer, songwriter, author, worship leader, leadership coach, consultant, wife, mother to 3 lovely girls and vocal powerhouse Claire Odogbo released a new illustrious track titled ‘Child of the Lion, produced by Stevelensink


Claire Mini Bio

Claire is a worship leader and singer-songwriter of Nigerian descent who loves the Lord and is passionate about leading people into encounters with Him. Her musical journey began at the age of six, where she was part of a children’s choir and was already singing with much vibrato.

Born into a family of academics, Claire initially wanted to be a doctor. However, her love of music always stood out. Gospel, soul and R&B records served as the soundtrack of her early years, and she participated enthusiastically in choirs, worship teams and music groups. (Her parents and siblings constantly commented that she’d make a way better musician than a doctor!)

At the age of twelve, Claire fell in love with Jesus just as thoroughly as she did with music, and she gave her life to Christ. This new dedication to God and those quiet moments with Him marked a new beginning for Claire’s musical journey, and lent her incredible strength for what lay ahead.

Life wouldn’t always be easy; as the years progressed Claire’s family experienced tragedy, loss and hardships, which made her seek comfort and hope from the Lord. She grew in her faith, learning early to depend on God for everything and cherishing those moments of deep intimacy with the Lord, where she poured out her soul in worship to him. Through those times, the desire to lead others into intimate encounters with the Lord through worship music evolved.

Her passion for not only worshipping the Lord but writing songs filled with his truth was born from her love for the Word. She wrote her first song at the age of 16. Since then, she has written several songs, including recently released singles “Walk with You” and “Not Intimidated”.

Claire loves to spend time singing to the Lord on the piano or guitar and leading people into his presence in the corporate context. She is currently an active member of a worship writing community and is a worship leader member of the worship arts team at Compass Point Bible Church.

When she isn’t doing all things musical, Claire is busy writing, consulting and coaching large global corporations and senior executives.

She lives in Ontario, Canada, with her husband and their three adorable girls who are actively growing in their musicality and relationship with the Lord.

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