Intercession 1: Father, thank you for fresh anointing upon the Apostle over this Commission, which impacted the world all through this year – Isa. 45:1-3

Intercession 2: Father, in the name of Jesus, give your angels charge over the movement of all participants all through Shiloh 2021 against all forms of mishaps – Ps. 91:11

Intercession 3: Father, in the name of Jesus, let the impact of Shiloh 2021 be far beyond what we have ever known since inception, across the nations of the earth – Psa. 19:3

Intercession 4: Father, in the name of Jesus, grant every worshipper an encounter with your power at the pre-Shiloh encounter services this coming Sunday – Isa. 9:8

Intercession 5: Father, thank You for the mighty, rushing wind of the Holy Ghost that has continued to draft multitudes into this Church since the year began – Act 2:4/6

Read Catholic Daily Mass Reading Today 12 November 2021

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