Dara Maclean, a singer/songwriter and worship leader based out of Fort Worth Texas, has released her new single ‘Forever Family (I Belong)’. “Forever family is a worship offering for anyone who has ever felt second best, not good enough and anyone done striving for acceptance and approval”, explains Dara. “I pray this song is a daily revelation reminder, that we are eternally accepted and welcomed at the table as valued family members by our perfect parent God.”

“Worship is where it all began for me. As a young girl, it was just me with my guitar, singing simple songs of freedom over people and humbly watching as God did something extraordinary with it. Music being a vehicle for healing and the way I express worship, has always been the underlying current, even during the years of being identified as a “pop Christian Contemporary” artist.

When I was 22, after a lifetime of doing ministry and working hard as an Independent artist, I was signed to a major record label, which led to two full-length albums, “You Got My Attention” and “Wanted.” I was nominated for a Dove Award for “New Artist Of The Year.” My songs were played on the radio and all over the world. I had top charting success in radio, I was on the biggest tour in the world, Winter Jam, touring with the biggest artists in Christian music for three seasons and have been traveling locally and globally doing music and ministry for the last 10 years. I give God all the glory and will forever be eternally grateful for that season.

From signed at 22, to now 32. I’ve decided, with the blessing of my label, to step out again as an Independent artist. Over the last 10 years, I’ve learned so much about myself and what I believe my purpose is as an artist: To reveal the heart of God the Father with clarity and accuracy through music and watch as God uses that to set hearts free, and me right along with it, and to call us back to Him, to each other, and to Family.

Full circle, this next record will be filled with simple, vulnerable, authentic songs about love, freedom, family and God as Father, allowing Him Full Access into every room in our hearts, until the whole house that is us gets healed.”

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