Day 24 MFM Quenching The Rage
Tuesday, January 30, 2024

These prayers are to be prayed between 12:00 am and 12:15 am.

Confessions: Psalm 2:1-12

Aggressive Praise and Worship

323. O God, I thank You for You are my Potter, in the name of Jesus.

324. My Father, I thank You because You are my fortress and refuge in times of trouble, in the name of Jesus.

325. We stand against every power that pushes people into error amid congregation, in the name of Jesus.

326. We command every spiritual barrier and limitation to progress in the lives of the congregation, to break into pieces, in the name of Jesus.

327. We command all agents of failure in the lives of the congregation to be consumed by the fire of God, in the name of Jesus.

328. Powers assigned to make me a rejected person, die a hot death, in Jesus’ name.

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329. As a thief is disgraced when caught, so shall my enemies be disgraced, in the name of Jesus.

330. O Lord, let Your mercy cease upon my enemies, in the name of Jesus.

331. Every curse my mother has spoken during my pregnancy that resulted in curses for me, Father break them now in Jesus’ name.

332. Every sin of idol worship that my parents committed, Fathe, wiped it away with the blood of Jesus, in the name of Jesus.

333. Every negative word that was said in my mother’s blood when I was born, disappeared by fire today, in the name of Jesus.

334. Every negative thing that has been affecting me since I was born, burned to ashes in Jesus’ name.

335. All afflictions and troubles that have been manifesting through the blood poured on me when I was born, bow down, in Jesus name

336. Every mark of poverty and lack that has been manifesting since I was born, disappears today in Jesus’ name