DCLM Daily Manna 24 March 2022

TOPIC: Friendship Evangelism

TEXT: Matthew 10:1-15

“And into whatsoever city or town ye shall enter, enquire who in it is worthy; and there abide till ye go thence.” – (Matthew 10:11)

When a Muslim first heard the gospel, he asked, “How long has this message been around?” “About two thousand years” came the reply. “Then, why haven’t I heard it before? There hasn’t been any Christian in my country”. “Yes, there are”. “Then, there must be none in my city”. “Yes, there are”. “Then, how could I have never heard this message before? I can only think of one reason, you Christians do not believe your own gospel!”

Jesus, while commissioning the disciples in our text, encouraged them to be courteous, cordial and friendly in their approach. They were required to stay in the houses of the people they were reaching with the gospel, and not to isolate themselves in rented guesthouses. They were to be of help, salute people, pray for the sick and care for the needy. They were to eat whatever food was provided, without making their mission unnecessarily expensive.

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The gospel must be presented as a solution to human needs. It must be preached in a conducive environment characterised by love and compassion. The soul-winner must be presentable in appearance, cordial in his or her attitude and friendly enough to defrost the usual reservations people have about strangers. Though the gospel is free, people can still reject it if it is not well presented.

Believers should wake up to her responsibility of spreading the good news to people around them. God created a vacuum in the human heart that only He can fill. We must go to meet this need urgently.

The world is a parish for every genuine Christian.

Mark 4-6

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