DCLM Daily Manna Friday 9 June 2023 

TOPIC:  Ready for The Ultimate?

TEXT:  Job 14:14-22 (KJV)

“Thou prevailest for ever against him, and he passeth: thou changest his countenance, and sendest him away.”
(Job 14:20)

DCLM Daily Manna Friday 9 June 2023 MESSAGE

There is an appointment that you did not schedule but you must keep; a visitor that does not need your permission before he visits; a power that has no regard for status or stature, gender or achievement, but levels everyone up; a least expected but unavoidable guest. He enters without announcement but his departure is announced with uproar and “change of countenance”. Death is the ultimate event for every living soul.

The reality of death and the certainty of judgment are the focus of our passage today. Death is appointed unto every man irrespective of whatever steps taken to avert or postpone it. Job was conscious of his current unworthy situation and did not want to end up that way. He weighed himself in the balance of God and knew how catastrophic it would be to die without the assurance of eternal life. Many people today see no need to prepare for life after death because of fleeting material possessions, which remain their primary pursuit.

Knowing that this life will ultimately end sooner or later should awaken everyone’s subconsciousness to ask and answer some ultimate questions: have you come to terms with the fact that one day you will die? What preparation have you made towards this? Does the thought cause fear and loss of peace in you? Or do you look forward to going to meet with the Lord? What position do the things of this world take in your scheme of things? Are you sure of your current spiritual status before God?

The wisest decision at the moment is to surrender like Job and say, “Thou shall call [me], and I will answer thee…” It is wise to answer God before you answer death.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Proper preparation in righteousness secures our eternity with God.

BIBLE IN ONE YEAR: 2 Samuel 11-12