DCLM Daily Manna Monday 20 February 2023 

TOPIC:  Trusting In Perishable Riches

Key Verse:
“He that trusteth in his riches shall fall: but the righteous shall flourish as a branch” (Proverbs 11:28).

TEXT: Proverbs 11:22-31
22 As a jewel of gold in a swine’s snout, so is a fair woman which is without discretion.

23 The desire of the righteous is only good: but the expectation of the wicked is wrath.

24 There is that scattereth, and yet increaseth; and there is that withholdeth more than is meet, but it tendeth to poverty.

25 The liberal soul shall be made fat: and he that watereth shall be watered also himself.

26 He that withholdeth corn, the people shall curse him: but blessing shall be upon the head of him that selleth it.

27 He that diligently seeketh good procureth favour: but he that seeketh mischief, it shall come unto him.

28 He that trusteth in his riches shall fall; but the righteous shall flourish as a branch.

29 He that troubleth his own house shall inherit the wind: and the fool shall be servant to the wise of heart.

30 The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life; and he that winneth souls is wise.

31 Behold, the righteous shall be recompensed in the earth: much more the wicked and the sinner.

DCLM Daily Manna Monday 20 February 2023 MESSAGE

Not long ago, a man shipped five 40-foot containers from Asia to an African country. The containers were filled to the brim with textile materials. As the ship containing the goods sailed from faraway Asia, the man like any other businessman began to make plans on how to expand his wealth. He was excited that his profit would run into millions of his local currency. He then acquired a property in a city centre but paid only 20 percent of the money. He would pay the rest when his goods arrived in the country. He also committed himself to so many other ventures while waiting for the ship to berth. One month after, the vessel berthed but was impounded by the Custom authorities. The man developed high blood pressure and suddenly died.

The book of Proverbs warns us against trusting in worldly riches. Doing that will only lead to failure and regret eventually. But the righteous who trusts in the Lord will flourish like a tree planted by the river. The word of God also encourages us to give. When we give, we increase but when we withhold our possessions from the poor and the needy, we only extend an invitation to poverty. Liberal souls shall be made fat but those who withhold their treasures from the poor and the needy will attract poverty and curses upon themselves.

Believers must be careful not to put their trust in riches and wealth. They must also guard against having excessive and obsessive love for money as this will ultimately damn the soul. Having riches and wealth is not bad. God desires that His people become wealthy and prosperous. But when these come, we are not to put our trust in them. Wealth must not take the place of God in our lives. They are only to serve as means of doing service for God.

The question is, how do you handle the wealth that the Lord has given you? Do you see yourself as a custodian of God’s wealth in your possession and so use it for His service and glory? Or do you hold back what God has given you and only use it for your own selfish purpose? God’s word is clear; “the liberal soul shall be made fat: and he that watereth shall be watered also himself”. So, give and don’t hold back.

Thought for the day: Godless wealth may exclude poverty but it invites adversities.

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