DCLM Daily Manna Saturday 22 October 2022 

TOPIC:  The Enemies Ultimate Defeat

TEXT: Exodus 15:19-22

“For the horse of Pharaoh went in with his chariots and with his horsemen into the sea, and the LORD brought again the waters of the sea upon them; but the children of Israel went on dry land in the midst of the sea.” – (Exodus 15:19)

DCLM Daily Manna Saturday 22 October 2022 OUTLINE

Stubbornness and pride are two elements that often lead to the woeful defeat and ultimate destruction of people. Not willing to accept initial defeat out of shame and pride, they are bent on pursuing a course, which obviously become lost to them. At last, they lose far more than they had imagined.

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Our text today reveals the drama that brought an end to Pharaoh and the Egyptian oppression of the children of Israel. The Red Sea was the red line Pharaoh and his soldiers would get to and meet their waterloo. His hardened heart made him pursue the Israelites into the Red Sea together with his horsemen, and this was the trap that nailed Pharaoh and closed the episode of hate and slavery against Israel by the Egyptians.

The battle between light and darkness – the kingdom of God and that of Satan rages on today. The devil, like Pharaoh, does not want to give up his pursuit of the children of God. He and his agents are bent on consuming and destroying the people of God. But our invincible Conqueror and Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ, has assured us of victory.

We must continue to have faith and remain obedient to Christ and our God-appointed leaders in order to have final victory over Satan and his cohorts. No matter how loud the enemy may roar and how close he seems, he will be ultimately defeated.

God’s presence with us means victory all the way.

Proverbs 4-6