DCLM Daily Manna Saturday, June 25, 2022 

TOPIC:  You Can Hide Nothing From God


 “Can any hide himself in secret places that I shall not see him? saith the LORD. Do not I fill heaven and earth? saith the LORD”

(JEREMIAH 23:24).

DCLM Daily Manna Saturday, June 25, 2022 OUTLINE

It is sheer folly for anyone to assume that he can hide anything from God. Yet, people indulge in this foolishness daily, in the misplaced belief that they can get away with any act, whether done in public or in private. They think their past actions are hidden from God and cannot attract any judgment from Him.

It is for this reason that God had to remind the people of Israel through Prophet Jeremiah, that whether near to His children or far from the heathen, no one could hide himself in any secret place where God cannot see him. He had heard the lies the prophets had prophesied in His name and the dreams they claimed to have. None of their activities was hidden from God. Their goal in telling fake dreams was to make the people of Israel to forget God and turn to idols.

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God said that the prophets that claimed to have dreams should concentrate on it, while those who had His word should speak it faithfully, for there is no comparison between dreams and the word, just as there is no similarity between chaff and wheat. He was opposed to the prophets that tell false dreams to deceive people with their lies when He had not sent them.

God knows the intentions of men and the thought of their hearts are open to Him. Thus, to invent non-existent dreams, visions and revelations, as many do today, to draw a crowd to themselves for personal profit, is to court disaster. God knows all your shady deals and plans. Except you return to the Lord and flee such evil practices, His judgment is certain to come.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: All actions and inactions are open before God.


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