DCLM Daily Manna Thursday 6 April 2023 

TOPIC:  Facing the Giant

Text:  1 Samuel 17:12-24 (KJV)

“And the Philistine drew near morning and evening, and presented himself forty days.”
(1 Samuel 17:16)

DCLM Daily Manna Thursday 6 April 2023 MESSAGE

Black Bart was a professional thief whose very name struck fear as he terrorized the Wells Fargo stage line. From San Francisco to New York, his name became synonymous with the danger of the frontier. Between 1875 and 1883, he robbed 29 different stagecoach crews. Amazingly, Bart did it all without firing a shot. Because a hood hid his face, no victim ever saw his face.

He never took a hostage and was never trailed by a sheriff. Instead, he used fear to paralyze his victims. His sinister presence was enough to overwhelm the toughest stagecoach guard.

In today’s passage, we saw the Philistine giant present himself every morning and evening before Israel. His presence alone frightened the army of Israel, and none of them was bold enough to challenge him. David, the last son of Jesse, came to the frontline during one of such appearances of Goliath. He was sent by his father, not to see the battle, but to give food to his brethren in the army and bring back news to his father how they fared. The Lord was preparing little David as the champion of Israel to deliver the nation from their reproach.

One thing that prepared David for the task ahead was his fearlessness. He was not afraid of the roar of the lion and the bear. He was not even in the army to hear the deafening noise of this giant. He was free from fear because he put his trust in God and was always meditating on His Word.

Our faith is paralysed by what we feed our minds with. We are also limited by the comments of unbelief we hear. If you surround yourself with people who have no faith, you will never become a giant killer. The greatest thing to fear is fear itself, was the speech given by President Franklin Roosevelt, to encourage the citizens and jump-start the United States’ economy during the great depression. Let us rise up boldly and confront the giant. He will be defeated, and we shall prevail.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Even the devil is afraid of your faith until you reveal your fear.