European born Gospel music artiste, worship leader, song writer, a mother and a trained midwife Lara Familua simply known as “Omolara Music” releases a new music video titled “Dey Follow Me”.

Dey Follow Me is a high life style song about the goodness and mercy of the Lord over mankind in spite of the challenges and battles we face daily. God still comes true and we are still standing, Psalm 23:6 sums it up.

When asked why she chose Gospel music, Omolara says “… for what the Lord has done for me, this is the way I want to spend my time here on earth; glorifying God’s name, sharing the knowledge of His love to mankind and ushering souls to the throne of mercy.”

She believes that her music is a combination of ‘divine downloads’ through dreams and the direct word of God, and she is determined to worship Him in spirit and in truth.

A unique characteristic of Omolara is  that she has been blessed with the ability to speak and sing in different languages namely English, Spanish, Italian, Yoruba, Ibo and in her native tongue, Maltese.

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life…. A lot of people have gone through and are still passing through difficult times….. Yet we are still standing!!!! As hard as life hits, God’s goodness and ever-fresh mercies remain a force against the aggression and attacks of the enemy. ”Dey Follow Me” tells it all, may you be blessed

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