Gospel singer and songwriter, Bandele Kehinde Victoria popular as Veeki Royce releases her debut EP titled “The Call.“

The Call EP includes “Papa Thank You,” “Son of God” featuring Mike Abdul, ”Ikuku Amana Onya,” “On God” featuring A’dam and “Ire Mi De.”

According to Veeki, her songs are inspired by the happenings around her and it’s really a privilege to be a soldier for Christ.

“God told me sometimes in March to leave circular music and sing for him. At that moment I know my life changed because I no longer operate in flesh but in the power of God, and I’m glad I obeyed because this is just the beginning. For I have come to stay not has an entertainer but as a minister of the Gospel of Christ” — Veeki Royce

Veeki Royce, a secular music crossover artiste, finds her vision into the production of Gospel music for the love of Christ, hence the release of her 5- track extended playlist.

All songs on the EP are produced by Tyanx.

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