From His Heart Daily Devotional 21 January 2022


You are all together beautiful, my darling, and there is no blemish in you.
Song of Solomon 4:7

When Debbie and I got married on March 15, 1986, we were so excited about starting our lives together as husband and wife. The first order of business after the wedding was the honeymoon. YES! I was so excited about the honeymoon. I think most brides dream about the wedding – and most grooms dream about the wedding night. It is just the way God made men and women.

Debbie and I got to go on two honeymoons. The first one was a short, two night stay in Galveston, TX. Debbie got sick the second night and threw up for hours. It was so romantic! The second one, a week later (Debbie taught school and her spring break was a week after our wedding), was in Monterrey, CA. We had so much fun. We walked on the beach, ate seafood while looking out at the Pacific, shopped (my least favorite thing), and talked and shared over a romantic fire each night. We did not want the week to end, and we definitely did not want the honeymoon to be over.

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Now while it is true that no one can actually live on a perpetual honeymoon vacation, it is also true that the marital honeymoon does not have to end just because you come back home. God has designed marriage to be a wonderful experience of love and joy and fulfillment. Of course there are ups and downs. Of course there are adjustment times and hard times and sad times and mad times and AARRGGHH times! But if you go God’s way, those times can be overshadowed by the love and laughter.


Let me encourage you. If you are growing miserable in your marriage, the time is NOW to do something about it. The time is NOW to get some outside help. Reject the hellish idea that marriage counseling is only for wimps and losers. Marriage counseling is for people who are honest enough to say, “I need some help.” No one would think twice about going to the doctor because of a broken arm. Why would we think it degrading or distasteful to get help for a broken marriage?

There is a reason God had you read this e-mail. He wants to turn things around in your marriage. Will you trust Him to do so? Will you take that needed step of faith so that He can start a great work in you? Remember, Peter never would have walked on the water had he not gotten out of the boat!


Pastor Jeff Schreve,
From His Heart Ministries