Nigerian gospel music singer Funmi Ayinke offers up the video visual to her new single titled, “Olorun Agbaye.”

Speaking on the song, Ayinke says “Olorun Agbaye” is an appreciation of God’s greatness in one’s life. It describes the beauty of the Almighty and exalts His Greatness.”

The new single comes as a follow-up to the recently released single, “The Journey”, and shows the professionalism and musical experience Ayinke has accrued over the years.

She is the Founder of Funmiayinke Humanity Foundation (FHF) and a Mechanical Engineer whose passion is to see everyone fulfil their destiny. Funmi has dedicated her life to giving a helping hand to the vulnerable communities and the less privileged, supporting the Elderly, Orphans, Needy people, and vulnerable children.

This new song is titled in the Yoruba Language [a language spoken in the Western region of Nigeria] and translates to mean “God of the Universe.”

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