GoodNews Daily Devotional 20 November 2021

Topic: The Ladder of Faith

Scripture: Jude 1:20 

On a previous day, we talked about how faith is now, and how faith that “cometh” by hearing requires us to keep hearing the Word of God concerning the thing we desire to change. We stand under that Word until we see the manifestation. Even though you cannot use yesterday’s faith today, there is a way to raise your faith to a certain level and never come down. That way, when your next faith target is set, you do not have to start all over again at the bottom building up your faith. You can start at the last level of faith you reached.

Faith is like a ladder that has no top. There is no limit to how high you can go, and it is the Holy Ghost who helps you move from one level of faith to the next. As you pray in the Holy Ghost, He props you up – boosting you to another level – with tongues, words that cannot be uttered in articulate speech.

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As you pray in tongues, you wedge your faith in place at the level of the Word or revelation you just received. It is like wedging a window open; your faith cannot be lowered. Find a time to pray. And as you pray in tongues, be conscious that you are wedging your faith – tell yourself you are at a higher level of faith. As you read our books, after you read a chapter, pray in tongues. As you listen to the messages we teach and preach and receive revelation, pray in tongues.

As you do so, you wedge your faith at another level and lock that revelation into your spirit.

My faith is moving to another level. As I pray in the Holy Ghost, I pray with confidence knowing that I am praying from a superior level of faith. I am rising like an edifice, higher and higher. I am unstoppable, a world changer, and my exploits shall also be recorded in Faith’s Hall of Fame.

Romans 1:17

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