Hanson Asiedu returns with his brand new single, ‘Freedom’. This is the first single from the ‘FREEDOM‘ EP and is a marker and celebration of Hanson’s growth since his last release personally, spiritually, and creatively.

Now dabbling in production, this single sees Hanson step out as Executive Producer, and assisting with production of various elements in collaboration with production house AloraMG. The song is co-written by Derick Dickson.

“I just want to break free from all the chains and boxes, ‘coz I know that these are toxic. I don’t want to be a star no more, I just want to be Hanson, yeah” Hanson croons, in this new single.

Freedom is an acoustic-vibe, guitar-driven track, with sprinklings of piano, strings and synths. One for any serious playlist!

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