JJ Heller releases new music with “Good Idea.” The track was written by Heller, David Heller, and Leslie Jordan.

Heller shares on social media: I have an unofficial theory that every parent is especially suited to thrive during a certain stage of their child’s development. While each stage has its pros and cons, I have to be honest and say that pregnancy, newborn stage and toddlerhood were especially difficult for me.

It was always difficult to get down on the floor and play with my kids (it was a true act of love to pretend to be a puppy trainer), but have a meaningful conversation with me? ALL DAY LONG. I am absolutely loving having both of my kids officially in double digits.

As any parent of teens and tweens will tell you, it’s not all heart-to-hearts and “thank you for everything, Mom.” The older my kids get, the more complex their problems become. I can’t just fix it anymore. Mostly I get to listen and offer little bits of advice and wisdom. They’re learning how to navigate their own lives, including friendships (which can be treacherous territory).

When my girls are hurting because their friends aren’t treating them well, it hurts my heart. Sometimes I wish I could tag along at school with them and stick up for them when they’re getting mistreated or taken for granted. Instead, I have to trust that my words and fierce mama-love will be with them instead.

I want them to know, as my friend @taylorleon says, “Love Himself dreamed (them) up.” I want to shout from the rooftops that they have God-imparted, inherent dignity and they deserve to be treated with respect and kindness. Adolescence is intense (to say the least), so I want these lyrics to be a reminder that God created each of us with love in every tiny detail. No mistakes.

This is the message I will tell my children over and over.

If you’re doubtin, second-guessin
I have always been a true believer
There was never any question
You have always been a good idea

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