Love Worth Finding with Adrian Rogers 26 January 2022

Topic:  God’s Power vs. Sorcery

Acts 8:9-10

Sermon: 2284 – Counterfeit Christianity

Pray Over This

“But there was a certain man called Simon, who previously practiced sorcery in the city and astonished the people of Samaria, claiming that he was someone great, to whom they all gave heed, from the least to the greatest, saying, ‘This man is the great power of God.’”

Acts 8:9-10

Ponder This

Here was a man who was using sorcery. Sorcery is just another word for witchcraft. And witchcraft is alive and well in the world today. Witchcraft is alive and well in America, in your city, and in many churches today. You may say, “Oh, no.” Yes, and many people are dazzled by this. They fail to understand that there is supernatural power in the things they see. What Simon was not just an illusion; he was in league with the devil. You may ask if I believe that there’s anything to witchcraft? Absolutely. Do I believe that some of these people have supernatural power? Beyond the shadow of any doubt. We must be careful that the power we are drawn to is of God and not of the devil.

  • Have you ever seen anything that might have been accomplished by the devil’s power and not by God’s?
  • How can you know the difference between something that is done by God’s power and something done according to the devil’s power?

Practice This

Take time to consider the types of supernatural things that have made the greatest impact in your life. Consider how you know these things were from God, or how you might recognize if they were not.

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