Love Worth Finding with Adrian Rogers 30 December 2021

Jesus Is With You—Today and Tomorrow     

For You have delivered my soul from death, My eyes from tears, and my feet from falling. Psalm 116:8

I believe the holidays are the loneliest time of the year.  Everywhere, people are told they’re supposed to be happy and they realize they’re not.  They see everybody else acting happy, and they feel so lonely.  

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Yes, believers can experience loneliness. Death, divorce, desertion—even travel can make you lonely.  Success can make you lonely.  You often hear “It’s lonely at the top.” Old age makes you lonely.  You can be lonely in a big crowd.  You can be lonely in a mall.  Loneliness is one of the chief maladies of our age, but Jesus promised, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.”  

What I am saying, my dear friend, is that when I am discouraged, His presence sees me through.  When I am lonely, His presence cheers me up.  And when I am worried, His presence calms me down. 

When you are tempted—and you will be tempted this coming year—His presence will help you out.  Begin now to practice the presence of the Lord as you enter this new year.

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