New York-Based Christian Singer & Recording Artist, Sarai Korpacz releases Lyrics Video For “Eden in Me”.

The song “Eden in Me” music video uses the song’s full unabridged track and gives listeners a new way to experience the praise song while taking in Korpacz’s singular vision. The video fully embraces its island setting with panoramic Hawaiian vistas, tender Polynesian dancers, and lush tropical greenery.

For Korpacz, the garden-esque setting furthers the metaphor of the paradise individuals can create for themselves by letting God into their lives. Both the scenery and backup vocals present a celebration of the natural world and the joy of spirituality.

The video also showcases the breadth of musicians whose instruments flavour the accompaniment of the song: flute, trumpet, saxophone, violin, drums trombone and more. The bridge’s passionate guitar solo is a standout moment within the videography.

Korpacz has stated, “I hope the words of this song leave no doubt in the listeners’ heart that the Lord longs to find that resting place in our hearts and minds. In return, we give Him back the Eden that He placed within us, for we are His children.”

Ideal for easy listening, worship events, triumphant occasions, or optimistic moods at home, the “Eden in Me” lyric video offers a singular aesthetic listener will look forward to returning to again and again.

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