MFM Daily Devotional April 11, 2022 

TOPIC:  That Giant Must Die (II)

Fire Scripture: Numbers 14:1-6

Memory Verse: Numbers 13:30 – “And Caleb stilled the people before Moses, and said, Let us go up at once, and possess it; for we are well able to overcome it.”

Motivational Quote: Defeat is a state of mind. No one is ever defeated until he or she accepts defeat as a reality.

Prophetic Word: I decree that the Goliath of your father’s house shall be buried today by fire, in the name of Jesus

MFM Daily Devotional April 11, 2022  Outline

We shall continue with the topic we started yesterday. If you go back to the Fire Scripture of yesterday, the giants were described as very strong and very tall; in short, their appearance was intimidating. The Israelites had got to the periphery of their possession, but there was a last effort they needed to make to get into their full blessings. However, at that point, they gave to discouragement.

This is just typical of people who lose heart just when they are at the edge of their breakthrough. Giants are very common and can only be found in places of glory. Giants are the typical household enemies. The Bible tells us in Matthew 12:29, “Or else how can one enter into a strong man’s house, and spoil his goods, except he first bind the strong man? and then he will spoil his house.”

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Beloved, the Bible is making us to understand that the strong man or giant is not above defeat, he can be soundly defeated. Have you got to the edge of your success and the sight of the giant of failure is looming near? Are you already celebrating and the giant of begin-again is saying not yet time? I assure you today, the giant is like a paper tiger because he had long been defeated; God is just waiting for you to make a move and He will back you up. What am I saying?

Giants are enemies of good things; they hate the manifestation of glory with perfect hatred. The giant can come in the image of the person close to you, just to make you hate and continuously attack your helpers. A lot of people have driven their helpers away like that. The giant likes to disguise like a masquerade, so that you do not know who he is. He can come as a spirit wife or husband. I pray that the fire of the Holy Spirit shall consume and destroy any giant that the enemy has assigned against your life, in the name of Jesus.


1. Every giant behind lack of helpers in my destiny, die, in the name of Jesus.
2. Every giant of opposition, are you mad? Scatter, in the name of Jesus.
3. Giant of my father’s house saying ‘No’ to God’s ‘Yes’ for me, run mad and die, in the name of Jesus.

4. O God of wonders, arise and do Your wonders in my life to confound my Goliath, in the name of Jesus.
5. My blessings in the hands of my enemies, turn to fire and come back to me, in the name of Jesus.
6. Powers boasting against my life, fall down and die, in the name of Jesus.
7. Goliath of my family, go down, in the name of Jesus.

BIBLE IN ONE YEAR: 1Sam. 13; 1Sam. 14