Eben Alonge  releases new single “Mi O L’eyan” which means “I have no one” . This powerful song is anchored on the scriptures quoted above (Isaiah 31:1, 17:5, Psalm 108:12).

Gospel artiste shares: “Two very strong lessons I have learned walking with God over the years are amplified in this song.

The first is that I must learn to trust in God alone for help and see any human help as the extension of God’s hand to help me. When a man helps me, it is actually God who is using that man as a conduit to transfer his blessings to me. The best of humans is best in his/her very best. Humans promise and fail woefully not because they desire to fail but simply because of human frailty and limitedness. Trusting in humans is like building a castle on sandy soil.

The second lesson is that when we pray, God answers. Prayer is not merely a religious activity; it is actually a guaranteed medium through which we connect with God and get things resolved on earth. If there is a human to pray, there is surely the God that answers (Psalm 65:2). I will therefore pray to God continually as I trust him to meet all my needs according to His riches in glory through Christ Jesus

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