United Kingdom based Nigerian gospel artiste and songwriter, Yemi Alafifuni  said ‘Hope Alive’, produced by Ian Copeland Green.

Hope Alive was inspired partly by a friend who has seemingly lost everything and a deep desire to find hope in a hopeless situation.

Yemi added; “In every lifeless situation that I have faced, one thing seems to be common, God almost always come true. The lyric of this song summarises how I have addressed these situations and how I am dealing with every evolving moment.
Yemi continues;

“I am aware of the disruption that COVID has caused to families worldwide and how easy it is to disbelieve a God called love. But it is in these desperate times that I feel we need to keep our hopes alive and never give up. God has never failed us and he won’t start now – He is working and His every word is yes and amen”.