Nigerian gospel music group Tabernacle Mass Choir releases a brand new single titled “Igbagbo Mi Duro Lori” produced by Equity Music Studio.

Igbagbo Mi Duro Lori (My Hope Is Built on Nothing Less)  is one of the gospel hymns rearranged by The Tabernacle Mass Choir (TMC) albeit, sang with a different tune.

According to the group, they say, “In a world filled with chaos, In a life of uncertainties – unstable economy, deceitful politics, unpredictable education, and adulterated beliefs.”

“What else should a man lean on, if not the only one who is authentic, remains the same and unchanging, who died to give man life, and whose blood is ever potent – Jesus Christ.” – Tabernacle choir says.

“Jesus Christ is ever dependable and trustworthy – the same yesterday, today, and forever. Affirm your confidence, trust, and faith in Christ with this song.” – they conclude.

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Lyrics: Igbagbo Mi Duro Lori by Tabernacle Mass Choir

Igbagbo mi duro, l’ori
Eje at’ ododo Jesu;
Nko je gbekele ohun kan,
Lehin oruko nla Jesu:
Mo duro le Krist’ Apata,
Ile miran, iyanrin ni.

B’ ire-ije mi tile gun,
Or’-ofe Re ko yipada;
B’ o ti wu k’ iji na le to
Idakoro ni ko ni ye

Mo duro le Krist’ Apata,
Ile miran, iyanrin ni.

Majemu ati eje Re,
L’ em’ o romo b’ ikunmi de
Gbati ko s’atilehin mo
O je ireti nla fun mi:
Mo duro le Krist’ Apata
Ile miran, iyanrin ni.

Gbat’ ipe kehin ba si dun,
A! mba le wa ninu Jesu,
Ki nwo ododo Re nikan,
Ki nduro niwaju ite:
Mo duro le Krist’ Apata
Ile miran, iyanrin ni