Prayer Points on Open Heaven

Pastor E. A. Adeboye did not write these prayer points, by one of his numerous disciples, for Christ, who was inspired and mandated by the Holy Spirit, about 5 years ago, (effective January 1st, 2015), to start writing these prayer points, based on the Open Heavens Daily Devotional, authored by Pastor E. A. Adeboye.

Prayer Points on Open Heaven 6 June 2024

Heavenly Father, I come before you acknowledging my weaknesses. Grant me the grace and strength to face adversity with courage and resilience; in Jesus name 

Father, in any way I have fallen short of  Your glory, please, have mercy and forgive me; let Your mercy prevail over judgment of sin in my life, in the mighty name of Jesus

Father, remind me of your presence in the midst of challenges, Lord. Help me to find solace and unwavering faith in you; in Jesus’ name.

Father, may your spirit fill me with determination not to give up but to persevere through difficult times; in Jesus’ name.

Father, I commit myself to carrying your yoke, embracing the responsibilities and challenges that come with following you; in Jesus’ name 

Father, help me to see the purpose behind my struggles and the strength you are building within me, in the precious name of Jesus

Father, grant me the unwavering faith to remain faithful to you and your teachings in all circumstances; in Jesus’ name  

Father, show me the path forward, Father. Give me the wisdom to navigate difficult situations and make wise decisions, in Jesus’ name 

Father, help me to trust in your timing and your plan for my life, even when I don’t understand the challenges I face, in Jesus’ name 

Father, may your guidance be a light on my path, leading me through darkness and towards victory; in Jesus name

Father, thank you, Lord, for the promise of blessings for those who remain faithful during trials; in the mighty name of Jesus 

Father, I acknowledge the strength and resilience it takes to not faint in the day of adversity;  in Jesus name

Father, grant me the grace and courage to face challenges head-on, knowing that your strength is made perfect in my weakness; in Jesus name

Father, help me to see the bigger picture, Lord, and trust that you will use adversity to refine my faith and character; in Jesus name

Father, may I find perseverance in the knowledge that the benefits after overcoming difficulties are significant; in Jesus name

Father, help me to keep my eyes fixed on the reward that awaits those who persevere through adversity; in Jesus’ name.

Father, guide me to discover the purpose behind the challenges I face, trusting that you are working all things for good in my life, in the mighty name of Jesus

Father, may the promise of future blessings motivate me to remain steadfast in my faith and commitment to you in Jesus’ name 

Father, I pray for those who are currently facing adversity, Lord. Grant them the strength and hope to persevere, in Jesus’ name 

Father, may they find comfort in your presence and the knowledge that they are not alone in their struggles, in the mighty name of Jesus

Father, fill me with the courage to commit to your path, even when it challenges me to step outside my comfort zone, In Jesus’ name

Father, lead me to experience the true rest that comes from following you, Lord. Replace worry and anxiety with your peace that surpasses understanding, in the mighty name of Jesus

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Father, may the lightness of your yoke and the ease of your burden be a constant source of comfort and renewal for my soul, in Jesus’ name

Father, transform my heart to be more meek and lowly, reflecting your character in all I do in the mighty name of Jesus

Father, please uplift my nation (mention your country) and let Your peace reign in our lands, in the mighty name of Jesus

Father, please continue to give Your son, Pastor E. A. Adeboye, and his household the grace to stand for You and continue to share edifying messages with Your children around the world, in the mighty name of Jesus

Father, bless everyone dedicating their time to pray through these prayers at the point of their needs. Give them the grace to share/rebroadcast, in Jesus’ name.

Lord all those who have been rebroadcasting these prayers and declarations, give them the grace to keep up with this good work of Faith, in the name of Jesus.

By faith, appreciate God for answered prayers. Your testimonies are undeniable in Jesus’ name.

Father, let every challenge, hindrance, and obstacle of getting these prayer points across to Your children, timely, and on a daily basis be removed, in Jesus’ name.

Submit yourself and your personal petitions to God. Cast all your cares on Him, for He cares for you.