Rowland Sunday is an Artist, Producer, Music Minister who with passion for God and the kingdom. He is passionate about lending his gift and experience in music into a call to worship. His experience started even as a pianist for over 28 years and Director of Music in churches and outside church for significant amount of time.

His debut album “Community of Praise 1” is indicative of the vision God has given him to start a movement that will bring people together all over the world to worship and Praise God the most High.

He comes from a multi-cultural background and loves incorporating this into his music. While you’ll hear him on typical Contemporary Christian worship settings, you will also hear him in an Afrocentric, Latin and world music community, and this brought about the name of the album “Community of Praise”

“Praise and worship experience should be deeply intentional, cultural and diverse. God is a God of the whole world, and we should be able to reflect the gospel in a world view not just in part but even in every language and to mankind everywhere.” ~ Rowland Sunday

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