Seeds of Destiny Devotional 4 December 2021

TOPIC: Your Potential – A Key to the Joy of Men

SCRIPTURE: Then she came and told the man of God. And he said, Go, sell the oil, and pay thy debt, and live thou and thy children of the rest. – 2 Kings 4:7

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: The reason why you must rise up is that if you don’t rise up, some people will go down.

Seeds of Destiny Devotional 4 December 2021 MESSAGE

Sometime ago, in one of our Healing and Deliverance Services, a young boy of about twelve years old was brought in. This boy had a mental illness with all manner of associated afflictions. But right in that service, a demonic spirit walked out of him, and his mind went back to normal by the power of God.

Now, this is the point: if the anointing of God did not manifest that day, nobody can tell what would have happened to that boy, not to mention thousands of others or literary multitudes around the world in diverse afflictions being helped by the Power of God.

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Beloved, the potential of your life is key to wiping the tears of people. The reason why you must rise up is that if you don’t rise up, some people will go down. For instance, if Moses failed to be Moses, Israel would have sunk in Egypt. We may not all have the same scope of responsibility, but a family, a state, a nation, a church assembly, or an entire generation may be depending on the potential of your life, to stop crying.

The pot of oil, as mentioned in our anchor scripture, did not only wipe the tears of the prophet’s widow but the tears of her children that were taken as bondmen (2 Kings 4:7). The rod in the hands of Moses did not only tear open the Red Sea but wiped the tears of three and a half million Jews by bringing them out of captivity (Exodus 14:21-31). That gift in your life is key to the wiping of the tears of people. Don’t forget that! That is the reason why you must determine to release all that God has put in you.

Beloved, you are not empty; there is something in you. So, release it and impact your generation.

Remember this: The reason why you must rise up is because if you don’t rise up, some people will go down.


1. Deploy your potentials maximally for the benefit of God’s Kingdom and humanity. Refuse to hoard your potentials, and refuse to believe that you are empty.

2. Make demands on God to open your eyes to discover your potentials, and empower you to release them.

3. Make demands on the destruction of every satanic spell that covers potentials.


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PRAYER: Lord, help me to discover, develop and deploy my potentials to the glory of Your Name. Destroy every resistance to my potential release, Lord in Jesus’ Name.

DAILY BIBLE READINGPhilippians 3 – Colossians 1 

QUOTE: You are the answer to the question you are asking. Culled from “GO IN THIS THY MIGHT” by Dr Paul Enenche.

PROPHETIC DECLARATION/WORD: Grace to offload/download all that God has put inside of you is released in Jesus’ Name.

REFLECTION: Place your potentials in the Hands of God and it will explode in wonders. What is in man’s hands is limited. But what is placed in God’s hands is limitless. Remember the five loaves and two fishes.

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