Seeds of the Kingdom Daily Devotional 7 July 2022 

TOPIC:  Open Hearted

SCRIPTURE: As Jesus and his disciples were on their way, he came to a village where a woman named Martha opened her home to him

Luke 10:38, NIV


The other day I was reading through the passage where Jesus visits the home of Martha and Mary, and something jumped out to me that I hadn’t really noticed before – where it says Martha opened her home to Jesus. This really struck me, as it shows Martha’s heart. The fact that she opened her home to Jesus shows she was open to Him, and Jesus would have seen this.

In the rest of the passage, we read how Martha was distracted and busy trying to prepare and be a good host, but that Mary sat at Jesus’ feet. When Jesus then points this out to Martha, I really think that this is an invitation from Him rather than a harsh rebuke.

The point is that Jesus knew Martha was open to Him and He saw past all her stress, busyness, and trying to get it right. He saw right past it. He knew she was ‘worried and upset about many things’ and invited her to lay it all down and just sit with Him. How beautiful is that? How often do we get caught by busyness in our lives, just doing, doing, doing? We can be driven by the fear of getting things wrong, or by trying to be good and strong for God, others, or ourselves.

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But the thing is, Jesus sees right past it. He isn’t asking us to be strong and to prove ourselves to Him. He isn’t asking us to burn out serving Him. He asks us to come and sit with Him. Let that sink in for moment. I know I need to, even as I’m writing this.

He looks at our hearts. He sees it all, all the fear of failing, the tiredness, and whatever it is you have been trying to keep on top of. You can bring it to Him. He already knows. He isn’t waiting for you to sort your heart out before you come to Him either. You can come just as you are. He looks for hearts that are open to Him. ‘For the eyes of the LORD range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him’ (2 Chronicles 16:9).

And this doesn’t mean that we don’t have to work, or we should stop serving Him. But it means we can lean on Him and let Him be the strong One in every situation. Let this remind you today that His heart is gentle and kind, and that He is for you and not against you. Whatever you are carrying today, or worried and upset by, take a moment to bring it to Jesus. He sees you, and He sees your heart.


Lord Jesus thank You that You see me. You see right past all my busyness and clutter and see my heart. Please help me to be open to You, Lord, to come and bring whatever it is I am carrying to You. I’m sorry for when I try to be strong, even for you, and do things in my own strength. Father, please help to rest in who You are and to know Your heart for me more and more. Thank You that You love me in this way, and that I can come to You as I am, right now. In Jesus’ name, Amen.