Solange Legal, an Indigenous contemporary Christian music artist, is releasing her debut single “I Surrender,” a song that focuses on the call to surrender and the joy found there. Upbeat and catchy, this single makes a splash as  Solange, who is Metis, breaks into the contemporary Christian music scene as one of the few professional Indigenous artists in the genre.

“Surrender songs are typically slow and contemplative. While it can be scary to surrender, once you do, it is wonderful! This is what I wanted to share and echo the invitation to,” said Solange.

Solange grew up surrounded by music and studied jazz/ contemporary vocal performance at Vancouver Community College. She’s married, has five children, and for many years focused on her family and teaching locally. A few years ago she reconnected with an old classmate who encouraged her to study Somatic Voicework: The LoVetri Method™, where she met her now vocal coach and producer, Marty Lamain. As an accomplished musician, writer, and teacher with music playing all over the world, it was Lamain who offered to produce Solange’s original work and arranged the studio and musicians for her recent trip to Nashville, Mar 17-25, 2024, where she recorded “l Surrender” as well as the next few upcoming releases.

When reflecting on her trip Solange said, “The people I met and worked with in Nashville are phenomenal, so incredibly warm and welcoming. It was like walking into a room of friends. Insanely talented friends. I can’t wait to go back!”

The band backing Solange in the studio recordings is comprised of: Nashville-veteran Garth Justice on drums (Reba, The Getty’s, Mandisa, Casting Crowns, Ricky Skaggs, etc), Emmy-winning producer Jon Newell on keys, Jacob Lowery on bass (Reba, Michael McDonald, Michael W Smith, Amy Grant, etc) and Grammy and Dove award winning Jonathan Crone on guitar.

While family and music keeps her quite busy, Solange, who is Metis (French, Cree, and Ojibwe,) also works for the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Vancouver on Indigenous Reconciliation. In this work she focuses on building relationships, both, Indigenous and non-indigenous, Christian and non-Christian; and then building bridges between them.

“It is the people, collaborations, and relationships I have been blessed with that make all my work so special and meaningful,” said Solange. “I Surrender” comes out on June 3, 2024, during National Indigenous History Month (June) and in time for National Indigenous People’s Day on June 21, a day when Indigenous culture and people are celebrated.

When thinking about her songwriting and this first single the songwriter shared, “All my music, melodies and lyrics, overflow from my prayer life and relationship with God. It is a sharing of my personal and ancestral spirituality. A few years ago, when my dad began his battle with liver cancer, I started praying a Surrender Novena by Servant of God Dolindo Ruotolo (1882-1970) that has since become part of my daily prayers. The song “I Surrender” came specifically from the peace and joy I found through the continued recitation of that novena and the ongoing process of surrender.”

She continued, ”The journey to this release has been a bit of a roller-coaster. I am incredibly grateful for all the new friendships and wonderful people who have been part of the process. It’s a gift.”

Solange has multiple releases planned for the next few months, leading up to the release of her first EP. “I Surrender” will be available on June 3, 2024 anywhere you get your music.

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