Tuesday Evening, 

Almighty God, our most holy and eternal Father, who is of purer eyes than to behold evil — let Your gracious Spirit descend upon us this evening. Grant that no impure thoughts may pollute the souls which You have set apart for Yourself; that no unclean words may defile the lips which You have consecrated to be organs of Your praise; that no unholy acts may desecrate the hearts which You have chosen for Your temples. Grant that our souls may be kept pure for You; that our lips may be used only in speaking for You; and that the temples of our hearts may ever be worthy of Your indwelling.

We pray for the spirit of watchfulness, for all about us are evils — insidious, subtle, and intent on entering into us, to hurt us and lead us to sin. We cannot keep ourselves. We cannot guard our own hearts against these perils. Have mercy upon us, strong Son of God, who knows all about these powers of sin. Have mercy upon us; lead us not into temptation — but deliver us from the evil. Keep us, and grant that we may so live in this present world as not to fail of the glories of the world to come, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Bring us at last safely home to Your heavenly glory.

O Lord, most mighty and most merciful, we commend ourselves unto You, and to the word of Your grace, which is able to build us up and to give us an inheritance among all those who are sanctified. We beseech You to keep our souls from sin, our eyes from tears, and our feet from falling — that we may walk before You in the land of the living, and at the glorious appearing of Your Son, our Lord, may we be presented faultless before the presence of Your glory, with exceeding joy, through the same Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord. Amen.

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