Gospel singer, songwriter and recording artist Uwana Ezekiel known as Uwanny  delivers a brand new single titled, “Koinonia.”

Uwana Ezekiel is known for his powerful and uplifting music, featuring Chymo B, adding to the depth of the message and making the song more powerful.

Speaking on the song, Uwanny says; “This is a powerful expression of intimacy and deep fellowship with God.”

“Koinonia” is not just what we do, it’s a place in God. It is a deep hunger for the presence of God, and a call to seek that deeper connection in our lives.

It is an intense expression of worship that speaks to a warrior in all of us, but it is much more than just a sound about the battle.” – he continues

“I hope that this song will inspire others to seek that deeper connection and experience the joy and peace that comes from being in fellowship with our Creator.” – Uwanny concludes.