Home Devotional Billy Graham Devotions 21 November 2021 – Life Worth Living

Billy Graham Devotions 21 November 2021 – Life Worth Living


Billy Graham Devotions 21 November 2021

Topic: Life Worth Living

SCRIPTURE: “. . . ye might have life through his name.” —John 20:31

“Is life worth living?” To scores of people life has ceased to be worth living. To all of you I have good news. God did not create you to be a defeated, discouraged, frustrated, wandering soul, seeking in vain for peace of heart and peace of mind. He has bigger plans for you. He has a larger orb and a greater life for you.

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The answer to your problem, however great, is as near as your Bible, as simple as first-grade arithmetic, and as real as your heartbeat. Upon the authority of God’s Word, I tell you that Christ is the answer to every baffling perplexity which plagues mankind. In Him is found the cure for care, a balm for bereavement, a healing for our hurts, and a sufficiency for our insufficiency.

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Prayer For The Day: Teach me, Lord, as today I read Your Word, that the life You would have me live is one of joy and fulfillment.

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