In an exclusive chat with The Christ Gospel Radio; FlorriePat a Gospel Artist shared with us her journey to salvation, music, her inspirational mentors, running a business, and many more.

The Christ Gospel Radio: For those who haven’t heard about you before, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

FlorriePat: My name is Ekeh Florence Ndidi Aka FLORRIEPAT (stage name). I am a Nigerian gospel artist from Imo State, I’m a graduate of Computer Engineering from Rivers State University, Port Harcourt.

The Christ Gospel Radio: You are a gospel Artist; would you share with our fans the story behind your Salvation?

FlorriePat: Oh… Yes, I gave my life to Christ on the 25th of March, 2001. My mum and I attended Living Faith Church, Durumi Abuja. The pastor was preaching and made an altar call. I went out and confessed Jesus Christ as my Lord and personal Saviour. Prior to that time, I attended church but I hadn’t really taken the conscious step of acknowledging Christ as my Saviour,  but that day I did and I meant it.

The Christ Gospel Radio: Since you have been born again, how do you continue to deepen your relationship with Jesus Christ?

FlorriePat: Deepening any relationship requires time and getting to know the other person better. So I would say I took out time to study God’s word, I was opened to learning more from the men of God, I attended question and answers sessions, I had my Personal quiet times where I prayed and practically related to God on a one on one basis with the help of the Holy spirit… so I would say it was a gradual process of having little faith, small faith and then big faith in God…

The Christ Gospel Radio: What first got you into music?

FlorriePat: When I was a little girl, from a distance I had always admired people who were in the choir because I loved music even if I really didn’t know the technicalities of singing…so I always followed my mum and siblings to church but never joined the choir until 2001 after I gave my life to Christ. Our Church which was some distance from where we stayed opened a branch in the city where we stayed. So, I decided, first of all, to start up a Choreography group there (which is one of my Passions) After which I joined the choir in 2001 in my church. So that was how I first got into music.

The Christ Gospel Radio: What would you be doing right now, if it wasn’t for your music career?

FlorriePat: Trust me I have always been a multitasker. So, I still do other things …I am also a General Business Lady. Along with Gospel Music

The Christ Gospel Radio: What do you mean by other things?The Big Interview With FlorriePat

FlorriePat: I have like an online pre-order Kitchen where people could order what we call ” Nkwobi” in Nigeria and it will be made in a few hours and either picked up or delivered on request. I have two registered small business companies called FLORRIEPAT CONCEPTS & FLOBEE PURE HONEY Respectively, we are into Entertainment, Tutoring and Event Planning in Florriepat Concepts…while FLOBEE PURE HONEY is strictly for the supply of raw pure honey I am also a brand advertiser and agent That Networks with other businesses to get clients for them

The Christ Gospel Radio: Let me get this straight, you are an entrepreneur?

FlorriePat  : Correct

The Christ Gospel Radio: so, do you have like a website for your business or is your business on the web?

FlorriePat: I have Facebook pages and I advertise online. My Facebook page is, and

The Christ Gospel Radio: How do you feel the Internet & technology have impacted the gospel music industry? and small businesses like yours?

FlorriePat: Oh, the internet is a huge blessing. Not just to me but a lot of people. Through the Internet during the different award ceremonies, I won 9 AWARDS…8 of them were Won majorly because of my contacts on the internet…it connected me to the UK brand that conducted an award in the hit of the Covid…and hence my first UK AWARD was birthed…and I have had customers and still do have connects from the internet. It is also the reason why we are communicating today. So personally, the internet has done so much.

FlorriePat: Your station, The Christ Gospel Radio got to reach out to me through the internet…so u see, It’s a huge blessing and independent artists can share their songs via the internet.

The Christ Gospel Radio: What is your favourite song to perform?

FlorriePat: Okay…. I’m someone who looks at events and checks which song suits them. I look at the theme of the event. Secondly, it depends on what is happening…but I will say “More Than A Conqueror” Lastly, my songs have different themes.

The Christ Gospel Radio: If you are to pick any gospel song, to sing or perform on a Sunday service what would it be and the reason why

FlorriePat: It will be a song from either Nicole C Mullen “My Redeemer Lives ” or CeCe Winans’s ” I love you Lord”…I love these songs and the women…they are actually my mentors in music…I love the lyrics of the song they minister to me each time.

The Christ Gospel Radio: Talking of mentors which musicians do you admire?

FlorriePat: Charity begins at home, so I would say I admire Samsong, Sinach, Mercy Chinwo, Nathaniel Bassey, and Ada Ehi. However, my mentors are Nicole C Mullen and Cece Winans. Other artists I cherish so much as well are Kirk Franklin, Dorinda Clark Cole, Yolanda Adams, Tasha Cobbs and The Clark sisters. What I like about them is their testimony in Christ, their Creativity and their doggedness.

The Christ Gospel Radio: What is the best advice you’ve been given?

FlorriePat: “Don’t Give up”

The Christ Gospel Radio: If you could change anything about the gospel music industry, what would it be?

FlorriePat: I would love more collaboration between gospel artists and more originality in new songs being birthed.

The Christ Gospel Radio: What was your worst performance?

FlorriePat: I would say the very first time I held the microphone in Infront of the congregation to sing. I froze, practically forgot the lyrics of the song, and at some point thank God for my music director, called in the choir to fill in the space

The Christ Gospel Radio: What was your best performance?

FlorriePat: In this ministry, you are only as good as your last performance. I would say my best performance was the last concluded women’s program. God moved in a mighty way and I give God all the Glory as I am just a vessel.

The Christ Gospel Radio: What would you say is your greatest weakness as an artist?

FlorriePat: I would say trying to be a perfectionist in a way, from choreography to singing etc.

The Christ Gospel Radio: Who would you most like to collaborate with?

FlorriePat: all of my mentors especially Nicole C Mullen

The Christ Gospel Radio: What is one message you would give to your fans?

FlorriePat: Never Give up on your dreams…There is a Solution to Every Problem.

The Christ Gospel Radio: would you say, your experience as a former Music Director and a Vice President of Winners campus fellowship and Joint Christian Campus Fellowship has helped you today as an   and a businesswoman

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FlorriePat: Very Well Yes .it has prepared me for a lot of challenges that I scaled through easily as a result of my experience in handling a crowd of about 500 (back then in JCCF)…and has helped me groom my relationship with people generally and how to have a cordial relationship with so many at the same time. Which is highly required as an  artist and businesswoman

The Christ Gospel Radio: How can your fans reach you?

FlorriePat: They can connect with me via any of the following social media, Florence Ekeh (Florriepat) | Facebook, @florriepat1 | Instagram, @florriepat  | Twitter while my email is Email

The Christ Gospel Radio: What should we expect from you in the nearest future music-wise?

FlorriePat: Well, I’m not in a hurry because I believe there are songs for every season…so yeah …more songs that will reach out to someone out there and by God’s grace more awards, more ministration through invites for concerts within and outside the shores of Nigeria. More Exploits and Exploring

The Christ Gospel Radio: What advice do you have for the upcoming gospel?

FlorriePat: Be dogged, and you will get there, Be persistent, consistent and let your Focus be on God not man.

The Christ Gospel Radio: How would you define success in your career as an artist?

FlorriePat: Success to me in my career as an artist is being able to send out a meaningful message through music to an audience to impact them positively.

The Christ Gospel Radio: Thank you, FlorriePat, for your time we look forward to having you live on air again anytime soon

FlorriePat: You are welcome and thank you for having me on The Christ Gospel Radio God bless you all