DCLM Daily Manna Friday 17 March 2023 

TOPIC:  Uncleanness Forbidden

Text:  Leviticus 15:1-18 (KJV)

“Speak unto the children of Israel, and say unto them, When any man hath a running issue out of his flesh, because of his issue he is unclean.”
(Leviticus 15:2)

DCLM Daily Manna Friday 17 March 2023 MESSAGE

The scriptural notion of God as a holy Deity who should be approached and worshipped in the “Beauty of Holiness” draws immensely from what we are taught in Leviticus, the third book of Moses. In 20 out of the 27 chapters of the book, we find the phrase, “And the LORD spake to Moses saying…” He would then spell out the terms and conditions which must apply in all transactions with Him. He looks for purity and detests all that is unclean.

In the eighteen verses under consideration, only a few do not have the words, clean and unclean or their variant, cleansing. The Lord constantly reminds His people that He cherishes cleanliness, and that those bereft of this physically hygienic state cannot be in His presence, until they are washed according to the law He gave His servant, Moses. The larger spiritual interpretation of this is that it is sin that renders one unclean and unfit to stand before a holy God. But he can be washed, not by water or the blood of animals as under the Mosaic dispensation, but by the blood of Jesus, Who was slain for the sin of humanity.

The word of God is unambiguous as to where the unclean man can get deliverance from his filthy condition preventing him from having meaningful fellowship with God. Sin separated us from the joy promised man in the Garden of Eden. It made us unfit to be the recipients of the spotless blessings of the Lord. We can access that state through cleansing by Christ when we believe in Him.

God’s demand of a cleansed and purged heart as a condition for relating with Him has not changed, even after thousands of years that He proclaimed the water cleansing requirement when He spoke with Moses and Aaron. He still hates sin that causes uncleanness and separation from Him, so much that He declares with all authority and finality that without holiness, no man shall see the Lord and live eternally with Him.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: The most forceful argument against unbelief is holy living.

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