Independent artist Freedom Heart is thrilled to announce the release of her latest single, “Dreaming With You,” available today to Christian AC and Christian CHR radio stations. Produced by Nick Lewkowski, who also co-wrote the song alongside Baily Hager and Lynn LY Chen (Freedom Heart) herself, “Dreaming With You” emerges as a vibrant testament to faith and the power of divine dreams.

Following the success of her previous hits “When I Know You” and “Before It Happens,” which achieved significant chart placements including #2 on the CRC Weekly and Monthly Charts, and #3 on the CRC Weekly for 2024 respectively, Freedom Heart continues to touch hearts and inspire listeners with her unique blend of melodic storytelling and spiritual depth.

“Dreaming With You” explores themes of divine guidance and the beauty of pursuing God’s plans with hope and trust. With lyrics that resonate with anyone following their faith-led journey, the song is set to become another beacon of inspiration. The chorus, “I’m dreaming with you, and nothing can stop the plans you set into motion,” encapsulates the song’s uplifting message.

Lynn’s musical journey has been marked by her ability to weave her personal trials into triumphs through her music, resonating deeply with listeners worldwide. Her achievements include over 327K streams on Spotify, 226K views on YouTube, and a notable presence on the ReverbNation Christian/Gospel charts in Los Angeles.

Listeners are invited to tune in and let “Dreaming With You” uplift their spirits. The single is also available for streaming on major digital music platforms.

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