GoodNews Daily Devotional 8 December 2021

Topic: My Wealthy Place

SCRIPTURE: Psalm 18:19 
He brought me forth also into a large place; he delivered me, because he delighted in me

GoodNews Daily Devotional 8 December 2021

A common problem among some of God’s people is this never ending mindset of thinking God is happy seeing them living from pay-check to pay-check. As a Christian, you should have no sense of lack, disadvantage, or limitation.

Whatever you’re looking for, be it spiritual or material, you have an abundance of. “A large place” as pointed out in the scripture above means a wealthy place. Being born again, you’re the seed of Abraham, and a joint heir with Christ.

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Essentially, this means the whole world belongs to you. It’s too late for you to be poor or be counted as the poor. The only way you can be poor is by choice or ignorance, because God has already brought you out of poverty into your wealthy place.

God is delighted in you. Not because of what you’ve done but because of what Jesus Christ has done for you. You’ve already been delivered and brought into ‘a large place’ that knows no lack.

Walk tall today knowing all things are yours. You’ve been delivered and brought into the land of milk and honey.

Today I am going to produce results. Everything I touch shall begin to flourish more than ever before. Thank you Lord for bringing me into my wealthy place.

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2 Peter 1:3 

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