Topic: Rich God

SCRIPTURE: Psalm 50:10 
10 For every beast of the forest is mine, and the cattle upon a thousand hills.

We serve a very rich and extravagant God; a God who covers His streets with gold. He is so wealthy that there is no unit of measure that can measure His wealth. It’s important to know this about God. When you worship him, don’t act as if you are pitiful about him. He has it all and it’s a Privilege to be called his. There is a problem where many believers tend to feel like they shouldn’t ask too much from God.


They feel like they are bothering Him and being a nuisance. That’s a wrong understanding of His loving nature. He is more than willing to lavish wealth on you. His supply is limitless and will never diminish no matter how much He gives out! He really yearns to prosper you beyond your wildest imagination (Ephesians 3:20). So break those barriers in your mind and increase your demand. He calls you to come boldly unto the throne grace. He owns cattle on a thousand hills. He is rich! Receive your portion now!

My God is rich! I am His child and an heir of the same wealth. I refuse to struggle and live a beggarly life. I declare prosperity is mine today! My ideas are flourishing and am attracting resources from all angles!

Philippians 4:19

Our Daily Bread Devotional For Tuesday 26th October 2021 – Set Apart

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