OPENING PRAYER: Dear Lord, I pray that you sanctify my spirit, soul and body as I read your word in Jesus name.

SCRIPTURE: Acts 14:19-28

Question(s) for Reflection
• Is there any example for me to follow or not to follow?

Scripture Union SU Daily Guide 2 November 2021  Today’s Guide

Again, the recent experience of Paul and Barnabas in Pisidian Antioch (13:50), Iconium (14:5-6) and Lystra (14:19) notwithstanding, they felt constrained to go back to the cities, risking their lives all over. This is total commitment to the cause of Christ! How does their action validate their declaration in v.22? Persecution goes closely alongside the ministry of the gospel. All believers must expect to face persecution in one form or another. (2 Tim. 3: 11 – 12).

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It could be beating, stoning, killing, discrimination or denial of right. See Paul’s contentions and convictions in Romans 8: 35 – 39 concerning suffering for Christ. Notice Christ’s warning and assurance in John 16:33 and 15:20-22. Let us be encouraged by the lives of Paul and Barnabas and the assurance of the Lord’s abiding presence. We are overcomers. Notice Paul and Barnabas’ action in v.23 and the reason for doing this. The young churches need good leadership to help them make good progress.

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Like the action of their home church in Antioch (13:2-3), the selection of elders for these churches was accompanied by prayer and fasting. They cannot afford to get it wrong. Finally, they returned to the assembly in Antioch to report ‘what God had done through them’ – mere vessels. This is a good example for missionaries to follow, reporting back to their sending home churches (vs. 26 – 28). They did not consider that their strength had achieved anything. This is the right attitude for Christian service.

Practice/Word Application
• And so? Are you experiencing any form of persecution in your office, school or even church?
• Any new insight or reinforcement of what you already know?

Closing Prayer
• Pray for grace to keep going, never giving up.
• Pray for your Pastor and other Church leaders to be effective in ministry: clarity of message, courage to be scriptural, power of the Holy Spirit and exemplary life style

Offer a prayer of faith in line with
• 2 Sam. 21-22; 3 John

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