Sunday Reflection: Just a Little Patience

The Bible shows us that if we wait on God, He will act for us.

To get the most out of this devotion, set aside time to read the Scripture referenced throughout.

Think back to when you were a child.  One word you likely detested hearing was wait. It’s a difficult thing, being patient—especially when it keeps you from something you deeply desire. But your parents had a reason for making you wait (Matt. 7:9-11).

Whatever we felt as children, it’s safe to say that in adulthood the stakes are often higher. We might be waiting for healing, a life-altering opportunity, or the return of a prodigal. Whatever we long for, the Bible tells us God “acts in behalf of one who waits for Him” (Isa. 64:4). Think of Mary and Martha in John 11, waiting for Jesus to rescue their brother Lazarus from illness. No matter how long the delay, the Lord is working in our best interest, even when there’s no visible evidence. In the end, it’s what He wants for us that matters—nothing short of resurrection.

Think about it

• Are there any areas in your life where your impatience is causing a problem? Are there areas in which you find it easier to be patient? List the ways that waiting is a strength or weakness for you, and form a prayer asking God to help you grow.

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