OCP recording artist Josh Blakesley has unleashed his second single of the year titled,  “Jesus I Trust In You” along with its video performance

“When we say ‘Jesus, I trust in you’, we’re not only expressing our faith in God, we’re making ourselves vessels open to all that God has for us,” says Blakesley.  “The divine mercy of Jesus pours out of his heart and cleanses us from our deepest sorrows. In suffering, it can be difficult to see, and even more difficult to accept, but when we trust in Him, we are made witnesses to his compassion – his deep and unconditional love for us. ‘Jesus, I Trust In You’ is a song about God’s mercy flowing out to His people offering peace and healing for all.”

When speaking about the video, Beatovich says, “So much worship music is written for in-person experiences – Mass, prayer services, retreats, etc. We really wanted that in-person experience to come through in this video. Once everyone was in place, we just asked them to pray through the song and ignore the cameras. I hope that people who watch it can enter the prayer like we did.”

“Jesus I Trust In You” is a follow-up release to his previous single “Come to the Banquet” which expounds on the beauty of God’s love. He has released several projects that have debuted on top 20 on iTunes Christian Charts. His debut album was titled  Immersed, and his most recent album, Even in This, features songs co-written by Michael Farren, Mia Fieldes, Marc Byrd and Sarah Hart.

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