The lyric video for Kershaw’s “Soul Reviver”, which debuted at #1 at the CRC Weekly Radio Chart, has been released on YouTube. This marks a significant milestone in the career of this talented songwriting and production team which is made up of songwriter, Phil Kershaw  and songwriter and producer, Cale Kight.

“‘Soul Reviver’ salutes old-time Tent Revival evangelists like Billy Graham,” Kershaw explains. “It is my hope that in a small way ‘Soul Reviver’ will remind people of the tremendous impact Billy Graham had and how vital this type of outreach can be in creating spiritual revival that is so needed today.”

Graham’s 1949 Los Angeles Crusade in a rented circus tent launched his career and, with the support and promotion from the biggest media mogul of the day, William Randolph Hearst, transformed Graham into one of the most influential figures in the world who met with world leaders and became a household name.

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Fans of Kershaw and lovers of soulful music alike will be thrilled with the release of the “Soul Reviver” lyric video. It is a beautiful and moving piece of art that perfectly captures the essence of the song and showcases the talent and creativity of Kershaw and his team. The video is available now on YouTube and other streaming platforms, and it is a must-watch for anyone who appreciates great music and beautiful visuals.

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