Dr Pastor Paul Enenche of the  Dunamis International Gospel Centre releases the Video and Audio of Song titled “You Are Always There to Help”.

My greatest desire for you is to have a solid experience of Divine presence as a lifestyle. I received the song,  ‘you are always there to help me’ sometime back. I’m sharing the  official video of the song, done with my family, on this special day for the first time.


Dr Pastor Paul Enenche and His Family have released songs such as Owner of My Life, Let Me Want What You Want, Keep Holding On, Turn it Around and Father in Heaven.

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Lyrics: You Are Always There to Help By Pastor Paul Enenche

[Verse 1]
I have put my trust in You
I have put my faith in Your word
No matter what comes my way
I shall never be afraid
There’s nothing in this world
that can take Your place in my life
For I know You know You’re always there to help me till the end

You are always there to help
You are always there to help me
Even when no one else was there
You were always there for me
Even when I can’t feel You
Even when I cannot trace You
I still have faith in Your word
that You’re always there for me

[Verse 2]
I cannot trade You for gold
I cannot trade You for silver
I cannot put my trust in anyone but You
There’s nothing in this world
that can take Your place in my life
For I find in You alone all the answers I need

[Verse 3]
I will love You till the end
I will serve You till I see You
For Your everlasting love
Has drawn my whole being to You
My life is in Your hand;
Lord am Your project in progress
And when You’re through with me;
All the praise belongs to You

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